Outdoor Worship Gathering

Sunday, October 18, 2020, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Location: Cornerstone's gathering place, 2180 McComas Way, Virginia Beach, VA US 23456

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Click here for the morning's liturgy.


We will meet in our parking lot for worship at 9AM, weather permitting. You can watch the livestream of the service on our YouTube channel.

Our desire is to meet together for a deliberate but informal liturgy (think somewhere between picnics and normal Sundays) and to create a setting and atmosphere that is accessible for everyone. We do not want to relegate the “vulnerable” to remaining at home; we want to welcome all to come worship our Lord in person. As such, even though you may be comfortable with normal interactions again, we ask that you consider those that will be in attendance that do not yet feel that way and follow the social distancing guidelines outlined below.

Please read through the details below. It is important that you are aware of the plans and are prepared beforehand for this time together.You are not just a neutral attendee in these gatherings, but a contributor to the life of the body. We ask that you approach the strangeness of this time not foremost as individuals or as Americans, but as Christians that follow the example of Christ (and people like Timothy and Epaphroditus) and in humility consider the holistic welfare of one another and count others more significant than yourselves (Philippians 2). We want to toil and strive for godly unity as we seek to do one another spiritual good.


Time and Location: The service will take place from 9-10AM in the parking lot of Cornerstone’s property.

Parking: Please park in the far end of the parking lot (furthest from the building) or in the Rec Center lot if necessary. The area closer to the building will be cordoned off for our gathering. There will be some parking spaces with good views available for those that would like to come and stay in their vehicles.

Social Distancing Expectations: Please stay home if you or a child has, or has recently had, symptoms of sickness. Please be mindful of normal social distancing protocols and be respectful of others by making sure your children are not running around in groups but following social distancing as well. While there is no mask requirement for meeting outdoors (you are more than welcome to use one), we ask that you use a mask if you are in the building for restroom use with people other than your family. Additionally, we ask that if you are not wearing a mask outdoors you maintain appropriate distances during conversations and hold off on hugs and handshakes a bit longer.

Restrooms: Cornerstone restrooms will be available for emergency use. While we certainly understand the kid factor (okay, and a few adults too), we ask that restrooms be used minimally. Should they be needed, and you are in the building with people other than your family, please wear a mask. Steps for sanitization and ‘minimal contact’ use will be available.

What to Bring: Chairs and blankets and a smartphone. While we will have a few folding chairs available, we ask that you bring your own chairs if at all possible. The liturgy (song lyrics, scripture passages) will be posted to Realm and our website to access for the service with your phone.

Seating: Please use the circles marked on the parking lot to situate yourselves properly distanced from others. Families can certainly sit together, but we want to provide social distancing between individuals/families.

Liturgy: Our service will be made up of many of the elements of our normal Sunday gatherings. We look forward to singing together, hearing the word read and preached, praying corporately, and being sent on mission with renewed vision. We will not pass offering plates, but a box for giving will be available.


What if I’m not yet comfortable in larger gatherings? Will the service be available virtually? We plan to livestream these services on our YouTube channel. We hope to see you in person soon!

Are there ways we can help with setup or teardown? Yes, we will post needs and opportunities for you to help with on a separate Realm post in the Members group.

What if it’s raining? We will communicate by noon on Saturday if we need to cancel the outdoor service. In such a case, we will fall back to providing some readings, prayers, and the sermon on YouTube on Sunday morning.

Is there anything for children? There will be no nursery or CornerstoneKIDS offered during these services. If you need to bring some things for young children to do during part of the service where you’re seated, that is fine.

Can I bring coffee or snacks? We will not be serving food or drink, but will not legislate what you might bring. We simply ask that you keep children’s snacks from being shared and involve others in your new at-home macchiato skills in description only.

Will there be an opportunity to give? An offering box will be available on a table outside for giving before or after the service.