Digging In

Our Core Seminars have developed out of a desire to offer a structured setting for learning and discussing various aspects of the Christian faith. From evenings on theology and church history to marriage and vocation, Core Seminars are a venue to think through what you believe and why you believe it.

Each seminar is designed to reflect one of our core values. While some of the course topics also lend themselves to learning in the midst of life, this venue allows for deliberate discussion of the Scripture's teaching on the topic at hand. This not only lays the foundation for practical application to daily life, it also helps to equip the church family for being disciple-making disciples that are growing in the grace and knowledge of their Savior.

2nd Sunday of each month @ 5:00 PM

June Seminar: Meditations on Knowing God: The Heart of the Gospel (taught by Jordan Heijermans) 

Some previous seminar topics:

The Importance of Biblical History // Homosexuality and the Church // A Biblical Theology of Adoption // Gospel Fluency // Creation Regained // Parenting in a Culture of Disrespect // Dispatches from the Front

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